Artifex Equipment Inc.

Make a difference at the workbench and in the reading room using Artifex Equipment Inc.'s tools and supplies. We invent and design products that aid and improve craft practices and preservation efforts to recover water damaged books, documents and works on paper. Our products can be used in emergency preparedness situations and are useful at the bench for humidification, flattening and adhesive attachment for boxes, books and works of art.

The Vacme Press, our first product, was designed as a production tool for clamshell boxmaking. An improvement on veneer bag presses, the Vacme Press can be detached from the vacuum pump and still be pressing work. It is light-weight, portable and can be easily stored away from the workbench. The Vacme Press is an effective alternative to the cast iron screw-press.

Zorbix was designed to dry water-damaged books and documents quickly without collateral damage. This patented super absorbent sheets can be used to shorten drying time from weeks to days while reducing labor costs considerably. No special equipment is needed for Zorbix to be effective - simple pressure or weights will provide the driving force to move the water from the document to the super-absorbent that is the active ingredient within Zorbix.

In the lab, Zorbix is a useful humidification device. Zorbix is its own vapor barrier and replaces the need for blotter paper and Gore-Tex.

Zorbix was invented by Nicholas Yeager, president of Artifex Equipment, Inc. and Kate Hayes, retired information scientist at the USDA's National Agricultural Library. The USDA Agricultural Research Service recently featured an article on Zorbix. Please click here to read it.

The Vacme Press and Zorbix can be used as a system to press water damaged books or documents shortening drying times and flattening items. This system was reviewed in an article in International Preservation News, Vol. #42, 2007 (page 22).