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Vacme Press

The Vacme Press is a portable alternative to cast iron screw presses. Evacuating a vinyl bag to nearly one atmosphere, books or clamshell boxes can be pressed for drying or adhesion. The Vacme Press is an improvement on woodworking veneer bag press technology. Using a vacuum pump that creates up to 12 psi., the Vacme Press gives practitioners the freedom to press books, boxes and damp or wet paper items within a portable, lightweight chamber (bag). The Vacme Press system will accommodate work that is too large for many book presses, thus simplifying pressing books or documents.

Vacme Press bags come in a number of sizes ranging from 12" X 18" to 48" x 48". Because the vacuum bags and pump are portable and lightweight, the Vacme Press can be taken to a remote location and set up quickly and easily. Workbench space is freed because the Vacme Press bag is not a permanent fixture. It makes working in tight quarters much easier because once the item is pressed, it can be removed from the bench and stored while still under pressure.

The lightweight pump is activated with a toggle switch and can be operated with one hand. The Vacme Press bag's closing mechanism requires only hand pressure to create a seal. A quick disconnecting hose system allows the item to be removed from the pump yet stay under pressure. Evacuated bags can be stored on edge with the item under pressure thus saving workbench space.

Use of multiple bags in a production setting can free the bottleneck of having to wait for a screw press to become available. A number of small books can be pressed in a large bag when engaged in disaster recovery.

Cleaning the vacuum bag is easy with a mild solvent such as alcohol. Bags can be reused for many years without wearing out valve or seal.

All products are fully guaranteed and will be replaced if defective.

The Vacme Press system consists of two components:


Vacme Press Kit: $550.00
Kit contains: Pump, hose, fittings, 3 vinyl pressing bags (12" x 18", 18" x 24" and 24" x 36")

Pump, Hose and Fittings: $465.00.

Vinyl Pressing Bags

Prices are per bag. Multiple bag discount applies to any combination of bags purchased.

12" x 18"
18" x 24"
24" x 36"
36" x 48"
48" x 48"
1 - 6
7 - 12
13 - 24

Orders of 250+ bags, please contact us for prices.